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Southrnfresh 1 MEET

September 5, 2010


5046 Winters Chapel Rd., Suite C,

Atlanta, Ga 30360

In October 2009, Southrnfresh was created.  What better way to celebrate the year of growth, than with a

Cruise/Mountain Run/Meet/BBQ

The Meet & BBQ session will be held back @ Garage Zero until they kick us out!..

Everyone is welcome to attend, just asked to behave like normal humans, and respect Garage Zero’s hospitality.  Food will be served until gone.  Bringing your own beverages/food to add is more than welcomed and encouraged, but not a must.

The meet is about the people and the viewers that support the site, but its nothing without the cars! So bring your best in its best form!  Stance junkies, performance minded, and show queens all are welcome.

Car clubs/squads/groups are asked to email me:

More details to come..spread the word!!

The mountain run scheduled for the morning has been canceled Garage Zero will be holding their Annual Mountain Run next month! The exact time for the meet will be posted asap.  Its going to start earlier in the afternoon.

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