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Texas Corollas

September 11, 2010

While browsing the many forums I frequent, I found a thread on Houston-Imports.  And I had to share the pair of  Corollas with the viewers.  The Rogue Status Interior work was done with a shirt nice touch I think..

And the white Corolla is a friend of his, in its older stages..and has went some work recently, so stay tuned for that in the future.

Pictures shot and submitted by the owner, Flickr link below


I was about to finance a Scion Tc and when I got to the dealership and I myslef could only afford a Corolla.  I got a 2006 Toyota Corolla CE & left the dealership with only 6 miles. When I showed my friends who they laughed because they all had  Hondas. So I decided to work on it and today after 90k miles its still running strong. Its dropped on Tein S-Techs, with KYB shocks. Also the wheels are 17×8 Rota Torques. On the exterior I have a custom made lip kit, and under the hood a Fujita Short Ram intake, Optima yellow top battery, Iridium spark plugs, custom 3 inch piping, Magnaflow muffler.

Thanks again


Double Trouble Evos

September 8, 2010

Atlanta was a busy town this weekend… Comic Con, college games at the dome, and tons of Labor Day activities going on in the city.  And amongst all the people enjoying the Sunday afternoon at Centennial Olympic Park here came Jon and I leading Kevin and Daniel through the city to the photo location.   Turning heads at every stop light with their blow-off valves, and megaphone exhaust echoing the streets.  We finally got to our picture area, and as Jon was doing his camera magic we were approached by some of the “area locals”.   We talked to them for awhile about the area….and than when the small talk ended we got hit with the “you got some change” we all knew it was coming…so we all had our excuses

These two Evos have been mistaken for each other in Atlanta for the last few months by many people even myself.  At a meet held this summer I thought Kevin’s Evo (with TA Volks) I thought it was Daniel’s Evo ( Gold TE37s).  Only to find out and meet Kevin for the first time who had just recently relocated from New York.  Kevin daily drives his Evo 8, and has been working on the quality cosmetics changes to the car thus far with minor quality performance upgrades to ready the car for bigger modifications in the near future.  Also look out for this EVO in Fast and Furious 5.

Daniel I have known for awhile is well known for his pride and joy, but also owns a GS300 that Jon shot a month ago in the “ATLANTA GS300” feature.   The GS is minimal to the Evo that has a long list of modifications and snorts and pops to make it well known on the streets.  Making around 500hp, and being converted from 6 to 5spd its all business.

Quality cars it was a pleasure!

Kevin’s  2005 Evolution 8 MR

Kevin’s  Evo VIII MR Modification List


Titanium dress up bolts

Tomei spark plug cover and oil filler cap

Painted valve cover ( candy apple red )

Trust ti-r titanium exhaust

Hallman MBC

Ams licp

ARC induction box

HKS bov with up pipe

Exedy twin

Jesse-b monalisa exhaust manifold ( sitting in garage )

Ams vsr intake manifold  ( sitting in garage )


Tein Monoflex with edfc

Whiteline front roll center correction

Perrin anti-lift kit

Project mu 4 pistons front calipers ( painted candy apple red as well as the rear oem brembos )

Project mu 345mm front rotors


Varis canards

Varis Carbon Fiber Air Guide

Varis Carbon Fiber Oil Cooler Guide

Varis Carbon Fiber Lip

Fiber Image hood and trunk

Rexpeed carbon fiber side spats, mirror cover and  rear bumper extensions

Jdm Evo mr rear taillights

Jdm rear bumper

Volks CE28 time attack wheels,  18x 9.5 with Z1 star specs 255/35/18

Voltex 1500mm v-mount carbon wing,

Voltex carbon exhaust shield

Painted headlights ( flat black )

Painted roof  ( gloss black )


Bride brix II front seats

Suede headliner, a, b, c pillars

Defi CR advance gauges with control unit  ( Oil pressure, Fuel pressure, Boost gauge )

Aem gauges ( water temp, oil temp, wideband

Alpine headunit

Mb quart Q series components ( front and back )

JL audio 13w5 subwoofer

Orion SCCA 800×4 channel amp

JL audio 500/1 mono amp

Daniel’s 2005 Evolution 8 MR

Daniel’s  Evo VIII MR Modification List

Engine/Drive train

ISP Racing Built 2.0L Short Block

ISP Racing Built Race Head

Shepard Built 5 Speed Transmission (Converted from 6-speed)

Exedy Twin Disk Clutch

Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel

Cometic Head Gasket

ARP Head Studs

ARP Main Studs

ARP Rod Bolts

GSC S2 Camshafts

AEM TruPower Adjustable Cam Gears

Shearer Fabrications GT35r Turbo Kit

Shearer Fabrications Down pipe

Perrin Test Pipe

Megan Racing Exhaust

Turbo XS Intercooler

Custom Intercooler Piping

Hallman Pro Manuel Boost Controller

Greddy Type-R BOV

Tial External Waste Gate w/ Open Dump Tube

AEM Intake

Sparktech Ignition System w/ individual coil packs

M&W Ignition Amplifier

Custom MPFab Oil Catch Can

CBRD Aluminum Radiator w/ slim line fan

CBRD Upper Radiator Hose

ARC Radiator Shroud

ARC Spark Plug Cover

ARC Oil Cap

A’pexi Grounding Kit w/ equalizer

Perrin Fuel Rail

Aeromotive Adj. Fuel Pressure Regulator

1200cc RC Fuel Injectors

Custom Fuel Surge Tank

Bosch 044 Fuel Pump

Stainless Steel Fuel Line w/ Earl Fittings

AEM EMS Standalone Management System w/ 5 bar map sensor

Powerflex Solid Motor Mounts

Custom Battery Trunk Relocation


Rexspeed Carbon Fiber Front Lip

Rexspeed Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Air Ducts

Tyrant Carbon Fiber EVO Side Spats

JDM MR Headlights

JDM Evo VII Tail lights

JDM Evo IX Rear Bumper

OEM Mitsubishi Window Rain Guards

S2000 Shorty Antenna


Bride Gias Low Max Seats

Bride Seat Rails

Bride Reupholstered Rear Seats

Bride Custom Door Inserts

Black Suede Headliner

Works Bell short hub

Works Bell Quick Release

Personal steering wheel

AEM Wideband Gauge

Autometer Gauge Pod

A’pexi Boost Gauge

A’pexi Water Temperature Gauge

A’pexi Oil Pressure Gauge

A’pexi Gauge Control Unit

Greddy Turbo Timer

ARC Titanium Shift Knob

JVC KDAVX1 Head Unit


Volk TE37 in Gold 18×9.5 +22 Offset

Rays Lightweight Aluminum Red Lug Nuts

Dunlop DZ111 Tires 245/40/18


JIC FLT-A2 Full Coilovers

GT-Spec Front Strut Bar


Rotora Big Brake Kit 6 Piston(Front)

Rotora Big Brake Kit 4 Piston(Rear)

ATE Super Blue Dot-4 Brake Fluid

Tennessee Caliber SRT4

September 6, 2010

I must admit being a big fan of the 1st generation Neons and their bright green ACR track ready package all the way through the final years of the Neon in its  SRT4 ACR package with the Orange Blast paint!  I was disappointed to find out that Dodge was replacing it with something else.  The Dodge Caliber came on the scene at first quiet, but shortly after Dodge was going hard with their Street Race Technology program.  Which I personally think started a trend with car makers, especially the American manufacturers to make fast high performance sport compacts.  They created an SRT4 version of the Caliber for a 2 year run, which makes this vehicle a collectors item for Dodge lovers.  Making almost 300hp in stock form pulls the Caliber Srt4 past many cars in its class.

This Caliber owned by Dakota, makes 411hp that roasts the front wheels on command, and punishes all six gears.  Stock these cars have an obvious torque steer issues.  It has been slightly corrected with traction bars, BC racing coils, and LSD modifications.  Along with a long list of quality performance oriented modifications…

Photo Credit to the Owner!


Words from the owner: Dakota Mercer

I would like to thank everyone for taking a look at the car. It’s a task to tastefully modify a Caliber, and I hope I have succeeded! It’s not every day you see a Caliber SRT, and I hope I have done this car justice! I would like to thank Kevin Maxwell for all the wrench time and tuning he put into the car. I would also like to thank everyone over at www.calibersrt4.netfor making a good internet community for these cars, and most of all, thank all of you!



Kevin Maxwell

411WHP @ 97 Degrees in Tennessee


Realtune/JMB Big Turbo Kit
Garrett 61MM Turbo. 60 Trim – .82
Tial 38MM Watercooled Wastegate
JMB Downpipe
Externally Dumped Gate


AMSOIL Synthetic ATF
QTP Electronic 3″ Exhaust Cutout
Zeitronix ZT2 Wideband
Zeitronix ZT2 LCD Screen
Zeitronix MAP Sensor
Zeitronix EGT Probe
Bwoody Checkvalve
AEM Fuel Ignition Controller
AGP Front Mount Intercooler
RC 650cc Injectors
RC Injector Clips
MPX Lightweight Pulley
JMB 4″ Intake
SouthBend Racing Stage 3 Clutch
AGP Catchcan
MPX Single Exit Muffler


MPX Adjustable Front Endlinks
MPX Black Strut Bar
Bwoody Subframe Traction Bars
Phantom Grip LSD
BC Racing Coilovers


Enkei NT03+M 18″ Wheels
Nitto 255/40/18 INVO Tires
MPX Shorty Antenna
SRT Grill Emblem


Leather Wrapped Console Cover
MPX SRT Floor Mats (Silver)
Interceptor Scangauge

Florida Viper SRT10

September 6, 2010

When I see a Viper I always wonder, what and how will Dodge try to bring this car back?    Or how will they top it, the Viper has always had a raw and powerful aurora from the beginning to end, and has been one of America’s top sports cars that was all about business on the track.  The latest version was one of the best performing versions released especially in ACR trim which let the Viper go out with a big bang.  Hopefully when it returns it will retain its key characteristics that made the Viper what it is.  Well here is a very popular SRT10 Viper that has been seen the last few months at meets in Miami and across the Internet.


September 5, 2010


Perseverance. Some have it. Some don’t. What happens when you combine perseverace and the love of a single car? You get Blake White… Lover and destroyer of BMW E30s. It has come to the point that friends and family have renamed BMW Blake Might Wreck!

All joking aside Blake can turn a wrench. He can build a car. Can strip a car. Most importantly he can take a damaged car, sell off parts and make a better E30. He has fought failed components, bad weather and hit and runs and finally is back on the road with his 4th E30.

I sold my 1989 325i to Blake years ago. Unfortunately poor weather, large puddle and a ditch put an end to that vehicle.


Fast Forward. Let’s try a Bronzit! Road trip and fun times going to Alabama! New vehicle is up and running. Blake spent the time to swap the engine, swap over all the suspension and interior. Back on the road! During this time Blake fully rebuild the factory M20B25 Engine. Top to bottom. 100% fresh. Boy it pulled nicely once it was broken in! The old Bronzit Bomner!

Unfortunately a control arm failed while turning and that side of the car collapsed. What exactly happened is unknown. The car then steered into a ditch. No photos of the damage of this E30 but needless to say a 2nd problem almost had Blake down and out and done. E30 Friends said you get 3 strikes on Small Bumper E30s. Try one more time! So he did!

The Black Car… 3rd Try…

At this point Blake has endured hydroplaning and a broken OEM Control Arm. Rough times for Blake. Just wanted to enjoy an E30. School started back up at Lanier Tech where he is studying/training for Motorsports Work. While driving to get books before school even started a pick up truck understeered into the driver side rear quarter panel at a stop light. And guess what… the driver ran! So now Blake has a 3rd totaled BMW E30. 2 out of the 3 were not even his fault and the 3rd you could argue was not his fault either! This was after new headlights and HID were purchased. Fresh Bilstein Sports were installed. BRAND NEW Front valance was installed. Rough.

At this point the story ends right? Remember we were talking about perseverance? Having been banned from the purchasing of small bumpers a local 88 325iS was found. One of the hybrid cars and one that I love. We went and checked it out. Pretended we were not interested and shortly after Blake made the purchase. 1988 325iS. Big Bumpers. Front and Rear Valances. Same color as mine. So begins swapping everything again. In a single weekend the engine, front and rear suspension, interior, all electrical and accessories were swapped and it is back on the road!

Good luck my friend. Keep it sunny side up and watch out for water, ditches and pick up trucks!

Southrnfresh 1 MEET

September 5, 2010


5046 Winters Chapel Rd., Suite C,

Atlanta, Ga 30360

In October 2009, Southrnfresh was created.  What better way to celebrate the year of growth, than with a

Cruise/Mountain Run/Meet/BBQ

The Meet & BBQ session will be held back @ Garage Zero until they kick us out!..

Everyone is welcome to attend, just asked to behave like normal humans, and respect Garage Zero’s hospitality.  Food will be served until gone.  Bringing your own beverages/food to add is more than welcomed and encouraged, but not a must.

The meet is about the people and the viewers that support the site, but its nothing without the cars! So bring your best in its best form!  Stance junkies, performance minded, and show queens all are welcome.

Car clubs/squads/groups are asked to email me:

More details to come..spread the word!!

The mountain run scheduled for the morning has been canceled Garage Zero will be holding their Annual Mountain Run next month! The exact time for the meet will be posted asap.  Its going to start earlier in the afternoon.

Functioning with Proper Form TT

September 4, 2010

Check more int he links below…fun looking car!!

This thing kick’s ass.ALL of this work that was done to this car was done by himself as well. Well here’s his extensive mod list. Enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to check my Flickr for the rest of the pictures from this shoot.